Who We Serve

The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization representing the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Business Community. Our single voice strengthens the engagement among all industries to achieve a common goal: to serve our region positively.



Elementary to High School. Colleges and Universities. Technical and Vocational Schools. Institutions such as these are vital to the Greater Philadelphia region. Here at GNPCC, we offer a new opportunity to education providers to participate in designated programs that encourage growth and exposure to their institution’s mission, their students, and their faculty and staff. By offering programs such as the GNPCC Apprenticeship Training Program, we couple organizations and educational institutions together with the mission of reaching a diverse talent pool of students and employees, contributing to the economic growth of this region. We also serve educators by providing resources to state-wide programs such as Philadelphia Free Enterprise Week (PFEW), and by participating in our programs, Women In Business Conference, and Women In Industry Day, designed to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders. Smart Business Connections!

Financial Services

Banks. Commercial Real Estate Organizations. Investment Management Firms. Venture Capital Firms. Private Equity Firms. Insurance Organizations. The financial services organization in the Greater Philadelphia region are focused on affording peak value and growth for themselves, their clients, and the Philadelphia region as a whole. During transformative times, with economic and regulatory challenges in an ever-changing environment accelerated by the strength of ever-changing digital technologies, financial services organizations must be agile, tech-enabled, and aligned to cultivate economic growth. What challenges do these organizations face? Rapid economic change. Shifting investor preferences. Regulatory developments. Margin compression. Advancing technologies. Here at GNPCC, financial services firms are supported with calculated networking opportunities, such as industry-focused events like Women in Business Conference, Nonprofit Summit, Emerging Leaders’ Summit, and Women in Industry Day. In addition to well timely legislative outlooks and a host of marketing and business management resources to assist in creating and sustaining growth. Smart Business Connections!


Qualified Health Care Providers. Patient Care Specialists. Health Practice Management. Pharmacies. Therapists. Diagnostic Specialists. All vital players in our region’s health management network. The continuity of care that exists in the Greater Philadelphia Region thanks to a diverse, talented and substantial healthcare environment benefits us all – and attracts people from neighboring communities, states, and countries. Philadelphia is an epicenter of renowned healthcare services, treatments, and expertise. Here at GNPCC, offer a new opportunity for healthcare providers to participate as an employer with the GNPCC Apprenticeship Training Program. This program provides certified and qualified staff training for entry-level positions. We are also honored to serve our region’s healthcare providers with resources tailored to meet the marketing, management, and planning requirements of health and wellness organizations. Smart Business Connections!


You pride yourself on creating memorable experiences, quality entertainment and the opportunity to provide the finest services, whether food, lodgings, signature events or celebrated destinations – with accessibility, comfort, and enjoyment for all customers, patrons, visitors, and friends. Whether a longstanding restaurant or a new establishment, goals are the same – accessibility, comfort, quality – essential ingredients to turn a neighborhood eatery into a local legend. GNPCC’s annual Flavors of the Northeast is an exciting food extravaganza showcasing a sampling of the finest cuisine in the Greater Northeast Philadelphia region has to offer and attracting hundreds of people eager to enjoy the culinary celebration. Restaurant Week in Northeast Philadelphia features participating restaurants collaborating with the Northeast Times and GNPCC to promote a week of lunch and dinner specials every October – some participating restaurants report increased volume as high as 18 percent per night during Restaurant Week! Plus, GNPCC’s events are always taking place at a fantastic GNPCC member location! Why? Here at GNPCC, we celebrate the diversity, expertise, and quality of our hospitality members, friends, and neighbors and invite our region’s finest hospitality providers to grow with us. Smart Business Connections!


Manufacturing organizations face significant changes and challenges today as the manufacturing industry leverages cutting-edge digital technologies, as well as new measures in data utilization, workforce training, artificial intelligence, and supply chain requirements. Whether the focus is manufacturing optimization, logistics optimization, sales, and operations planning, workforce development or procurement advantages, today’s competitive manufacturers are challenged to meet – and exceed – expectations. GNPCC focuses on maintaining valuable networking and industry event experiences, such as Women in Industry Day, on supporting the Greater Philadelphia region’s robust manufacturing community. With regular networking and speakers focused events ideal for hosting – and attending – GNPCC showcases the power of today’s modern manufacturing organizations thriving in the Greater Northeast. Smart Business Connections!


The challenges, complexities, and performance requirements of managing a nonprofit organization are multidimensional – and vital. Whether an educational nonprofit organization, faith-based or philanthropic or even community improvement, human services or membership organization, donors rightfully require transparency while management processes consistently require streamlining. Every day brings a new obstacle – and a new opportunity for impact. GNPCC greatly values the role of the Philadelphia region’s robust nonprofit community. Events such as GNPCC Nonprofit Summit, Mingle Among the Masterpieces Art Reception, Women in Business Conference; are ideal opportunities to support a nonprofit organization’s contributions and mere presence in the Greater Philadelphia region – simply by attending, participating and networking! GNPCC is committed to leveraging its vibrant marketing initiatives to assist nonprofit organizations in engaging our region. Here at GNPCC, nonprofit organizations have a platform for regional engagement – bringing a better together momentum to any mission! Smart Business Connections

Professional Services

Market changes. Economic fluctuations. New revenue opportunities. Client management. Marketing tactics. Employment opportunities. GNPCC understands the issues, trends, and circumstances impacting professional services organizations today. Whether it’s planning your brand, investigating data management practices, connecting with legislators or networking with dedicated professionals just like you, GNPCC is the place to be. With initiatives such as the Leadership Academy Program, Women in Business Conference, Emerging Leaders’ Summit, industry-focused events, and inBusiness Magazine keep professional services members connected. GNPCC provides insights on everything from economic development and local government to regional culture, dining, and entertainment trends. Join your peers in accounting, financial services, engineering, architecture, IT consultancy, insurance, advertising, and more knowledge-based client services disciplines as a member of GNPCC – Smart Business Connections!


Why is the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce perfect for retail businesses? Here at GNPCC, retail companies are served support for everything from expanded locations and online marketplace launches to diversified service portfolios and community involvement initiatives. GNPCC‘s online and printed directories and inBUSINESS Magazine offer additional visibility reaching a new audience. Also, with signature GNPCC events, such as Philadelphia: Working Together celebrating the diversity and significance of our region’s women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned, and disability-owned retail stores. At GNPCC, retail businesses receive true vendor-buyer relationship support, with robust opportunities for business promotion. Own a retail business? Find out why your retail business with thrives by being better together with GNPCC!

Small Business

Are you a small business in the Northeast Philadelphia area? You need to experience all the great opportunities, networking, and connections you can make by being a part of GNPCC! At GNPCC, small businesses are truly better – together! Opportunities to meet great contacts and promote your business are plentiful with Business After Hours and Breakfast Networking events ideal for showcasing expertise, services, and facilities – all while forging new relationships with the people who will impact your business growth! Whether it’s Chamber Business Connection networking groups, Nothing But Networking Breakfast, Women in Business Conference, Emerging Leaders’ Summit, the many – many – avenues for promoting your business are rich! Smart Business Connections!

Utilities & Energy

For the utility and energy industry, change is constant. Companies need to navigate complex legislative, environmental, workforce, technology, and performance expectations while remaining reliable, sustainable, strategic, and trusted. With a focus on workforce development, utility, and energy organizations today are recognizing aging personnel coupled with a decline in talent. A recent survey by the U.S. Department of Energy noted that 72 percent of energy employers reported having difficulties in finding talent. While working day and night to be scalable, flexible, and safe, the Greater Philadelphia region’s utility and energy leaders are consistently endeavoring to mitigate risks and deliver quality services. GNPCC is proud to offer member services ideally suited to the workforce development, regional networking, and community outreach requirements of the Philadelphia and South Jersey region’s energy enablers. Here at GNPCC, member-to-member discounts, access to local elected officials, political forums, and a variety of business networking events deliver ample opportunities for regional relationship building for a better together business environment. Smart Business Connections!