Sat., December 12, 2020 Health/Wellness

The integration of digital tools in the corporate environment is moving at a rapid pace and changing the way companies implement their wellness strategies.  Employers and many of the insurance carriers they work with have inserted technology into their benefit offerings as a way for individuals not just to monitor their general physical fitness but also to address concrete wellness needs and improve health outcomes.

Through the use of these digital tools, employees are empowered to take greater control over their well-being through the tracking, managing and analysis of critical health data. Digital health tools also increase the efficiencies of healthcare by improving access, reducing costs, increasing quality of care and making medicine more personalized and precise.

Implementing digital health into your wellness strategy will usually include a variety of tools, including:

  • Health Information Technology… utilizing a platform or application to manage the exchange of health information between patients and medical personnel in a secure, computerized environment.
  • Mobile Health… allowing medicine and care delivery through mobile phones, tablets and other wireless technology.
  • Telehealth… providing the remote exchange of data and care between a patient and their medical advisor.
  • Wearables… clothing and accessories that integrate advanced electronic technologies to assist in providing more personalized health data.

My Benefit Advisor representatives can show how you can incorporate digital health tools into your company’s benefit programs to enhance employee morale, decrease claims utilization and allow your employees to take better control of their long-term well-being.

The Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce offers its members access to My Benefit Advisor as a solution for employee benefits, including voluntary offerings. For more information about My Benefit Advisor, visit our website at gnpcc.mybenefitadvisor.com or contact Ray Keough at (610) 537-1393.

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