Maintaining Status As An Employer Of Choice

Wed., June 9, 2021 Small Business
Employees and those looking for work in today’s environment have more options at their disposal than perhaps ever before. There exists a wide range of occupations, employer locations, industry types, and work arrangements available to each worker. This allows an individual to be more selective in choosing where they will work, why they want to work there, and how long they plan to stay there. And although each individual’s criteria are often unique and varied, many common concerns tend to be shared among workers. Understanding these common issues is a critical component of creating a workplace that attracts and sustains a vibrant and growing workforce.
The term “employer of choice” is often used to describe such a company, and for the employer, achieving such a status can be very advantageous. The benefits can include increased productivity, the ability to attract and retain top talent, and healthier workplace culture, all of which can help improve the company’s bottom line.   To become an employer of choice, the company leader(s) should fine-tune their corporate culture, branding, recruitment, and retention strategies by targeting several of the following key aspects to set them above their peers:
  • Job Security…employees want to be sure that their employer is in a sound financial condition and don’t need to worry about layoffs or downsizing.
  • Opportunity for Growth…by helping employees map a strategic career path, employers of choice encourage their staff to develop their skills and careers by providing them with performance development planning, training opportunities, and the resources needed to advance.
  • Respect and Fair Treatment…It is not realistic to expect employees and their employer to agree on all matters, but their differences of opinion should always be respected. Employers should develop policies with fairness in mind, treating everyone equally and without bias.
  • Recognition of Performance…employers of choice provide employee recognition to employees achieving performance successes and exhibiting positive, desired behaviors.
  • Employee Input and Empowerment…Employees are more apt to feel invested in a company when they feel that leadership values their input into company processes, policies and allow them to control their choices and make decisions.
  • A Well-Rounded Benefit Package…The impact of the COVID pandemic has caused many employees to reconsider their priorities regarding choosing benefits. Employers who have offered traditional benefits packages until recently are finding they may no longer be the employer of choice with an outdated benefit portfolio that doesn’t meet the evolving needs of their workers. Inclusion of income protection (short- and long-term disability coverage), critical illness and hospital indemnity programs, an expansion of mental health coverage, and financial wellness programs could go a long way in helping your business stand out.
It’s no easy task to continue maintaining these programs while staying within budgetary restraints. Still, the employer who does so will win the loyalty of their employees and better position themselves as an employer of choice going forward.
The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce offers its members access to My Benefit Advisor to provide employee benefits, including voluntary offerings. For more information about My Benefit Advisor, visit our website at or contact Ray Keough at (610) 684-6932.

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