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Foreign Affairs expert Ed Turzanski headlines Executive Lunch Series event

Friday, March 10, 2017


Foreign Affairs expert Ed Turzanski headlined the first Executive Lunch Series event for the year on Friday, March 10, 2017 at the Union League Golf Club at Torresdale.


GNPCC President Pam Henshall publicly remarked how exciting it was to see such a large turnout from Board members, including Chair Nancy Morozin, Ed McBride, Sally Danciu, Ron Kumor, Frank Porrazza, John Branka, Marla Hamilton, Bob Medlock and host Ann Markowitz.

Ed Turzanski and GNPCC President Pam Henshall

Both the format and the intimate size of the room allowed for a more purposeful discussion between Professor Turzanski and Mr. Powell, who did a marvelous job in his role.

Following a wonderful lunch, Professor Turzanski sat for a “fireside chat” with moderator Dennis Powell, of Massey Powell Strategic Communications.


Professor Turzanski and Mr. Powell discussed a wide array of topics related to global security, world diplomacy, America’s foreign policy, terrorism and the administrations of our most recent Presidents.


‘Ask the Experts’ panel discussion at Wesley Enhanced Living

Friday, January 27, 2017


Sam Rhoads of PIDC, Duane Bumb of the Commerce Department of Philadelphia, GNPCC President Pam Henshall, PennDOT’s Elaine Elbich, supervisor of “Revive 95,”; Meg Sharp Walton of Glen Foerd on the Delaware, and Don Brennan, chair of the GNPCC Government Affairs Committee.

lachman 2017

Suzanne Lachman, executive director of Wesley Enhanced Living Pennypack Park, welcomes everyone to the facility at Wesley Hall.

Bold in Business EXPO and Flavors of the Northeast

Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Addresses Sold Out GNPCC Luncheon at Union League Golf Club at Torresdale Friday, April 15, 2016

GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15-site11      GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site20      GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site7       GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site4     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site1     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site2     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site10GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site8      GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site6     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site5     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site3     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site16     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site19    GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site13     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site15     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site14     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site12     GNPCC_MayorLunch_2016-4-15 -site17


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