Member Benefits

Why Join?

Who are the members of the GNPCC?

Chamber members are business people just like you who are interested in the growth and development of their businesses in the Greater Northeast.

What does the GNPCC do?

It brings small and large businesses together to network, develop and improve business relationships. Its basic function is that of economic development. The Chamber represents business and professional interests before elected bodies, serves as a catalyst for growth and promotes the area’s residential and commercial assets.

Where are the members from?

Our members are from all areas of the city and its suburbs, from business, industry and non-profit sectors.

When do members meet?

Members are encouraged to network at all of our monthly networking events. In addition, we host seminars, luncheons, a dinner dance, a golf outing, and trips to Harrisburg.

How is the GNPCC financed and organized?

Financial support comes from the business, professional investor and residential members of the community. Rates for different classes of membership are established by the Board of Directors. The Board elects Chamber officers who employ Chamber staff.

Why join?

Working together, the Chamber can accomplish what no single person can.


The Chamber means business…for you to make SMART BUSINESS CONNECTIONS