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The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce recognizes the contributions of women in all areas of employment/business; this program will bring women together to connect, learn, and grow.

Thursday, April 19, 2018
2018 – Same great event. Join us!

GNPCC’s first-ever Women in Business Conference and Luncheon draws rave reviews. Radisson Hotel in Trevose site of the inaugural event featuring panel discussions, presentations, and topics to recognize significant contributions of women in all areas of business        Read More

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8:30 am – 4:00 pm – Conference
4:00 pm – 6:oo pm – Business After Hours

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Radisson Hotel Philadelphia/Northeast
2400 Old Lincoln Highway, Trevose, PA 19053

$150 per person – Conference Package
Includes: Open Keynote Breakfast, Morning Sessions, Luncheon Keynote Session, Afternoon Sessions, and Business After Hours
**No Refunds

$15 per person – Business After Hours Only

Sponsorship Available. Contact the Chamber Office 215.332.3400 or email events@nephilachamber.com  

Women face unique challenges in the business community. The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce with the “Women in Business” initiative will enable and empower women from CEO to an entry-level employee to women-owned businesses gain access to the tools to Propel their Success!

Hundreds of Women, Thousands of Ideas.

2018 Women in Business Conference Schedule

Registration 8:00 am      Keynote Breakfast Speaker, Christin Cardone McClave’s Bio

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8:45 – 9:15 am……………………….Forest Ballroom
Keynote Speaker: Christin Cardone McClave, ACC, Chief People Officer at Cardone Industries

Session I       9:30 – 10:15 am     Presenter Bios

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Panel – Career ……Walnut Ballroom
How to Stand-Out in a Very Competitive Job Market
The job market is much different than it ever has been with rapidly changing technology and the use of social media for job posting and job seeking. Learn innovative and effective ways to best promote yourself from your first introduction to your new potential employer via an application or resume all the way through the interview process.

Moderator:  Heather Herrington, Esq., Partner at Ritigstein Law
Panelists:  Angela Foreshaw-Rouse, Manager, State Operations and Outreach of AARP, Marta Coles, Research and Training Coordinator of Urban League of Philadelphia, Lorraine Webb, Vice President of Human Resources at Philadelphia Gas Works, Lynne Alvarez, Founding Partner of GLOW Strategies, LLC

General Session – Technology …..Hemlock Room
How to Hire the Right Digital Agency
Hiring the wrong web designer or agency to handle your website or digital marketing can not only be tough but c


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an hurt your business financially. Find out what questions should be asked and how to evaluate a company and proposal before you hire them from the “sales guy” himself.
Presenter:  Matt Cherepanya, Director of Sales at Inverse Paradox


General Session – Communications …..Spruce Room
Verbal Communication: Still Relevant?

Effective business communication techniques are in a state of flux as more companies move towards remote work and virtual offices. This session will discuss why verbal communication skills are still important in an increasingly electronic world and why face-to-face interactions are still valuable.
Presenter:  Hadley Perkins, Founder of Perkins Writing Consulting

General Session – Communications …..Pine Room
Winning at Local Search: A Do-It-Yourself Plan To Get Found Online
Learn the essentials as well as the newest ways to enhance your company’s online presence. Understand the role of your website, blog, social media, directory listings and Google Knowledge Panel in organic, paid, local and mobile search.
Presenter: Kim Landry, President of Hollister Creative: Social Impact Marketing

General Session – Personal Development …..Boardroom I
How to Improve Your Relationship with Money
Creating a better relationship with money can help you improve all areas of your life. Learn how to create a budget, understand your spending and get yourself on track for a healthier financial life.
Presenter:  Erin Ellis, Financial Educator, Marketing  at Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

General Session – Communications …..Boardroom II

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Building Your Strategic Communications Plan
Sophisticated clients need long-range guidance plans. Learn to create a strategic communications plan in order to coordinate internal and external communications, as well as integrate your audiences, goals, messages, and outreach effectively.
Presenter:  Heather Dotchel, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Holy Family University

Session II       10:45 – 11:30 am     Presenter Bios

Panel – Communications …..Walnut Ballroom

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Choose Your Communications Channel
This session will provide insights into the various methods and options available in the ever-changing field of communications.  What’s most effective for your business and how to keep up with the constantly changing technology.

Moderator:  Rosemary LeCompte, McElhatton LeCompte Public Affairs
Panelists:  Lauren P. Friedrich, Wawa, Inc.., Erin Arvedlund, Staff Writer for Philadelphia Inquirer, Jenny Robinson, Broadcaster at IHeartMedia, Lisa Peskin, Business Development University, Kim Landry, President of Hollister Creative: Social Impact Marketing

General Session – Personal Development …..Hemlock Room

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Leadership for a Multi-generational Workforce
Fueling today’s company growth, employers rely on efficient workflow, which is the result of well-balanced collaboration across the multigenerational workforce.  The current workforce is made up of distinctly different generations each have varied life experiences that have directly affected their attitudes, expectations, values and work preferences.
Presenter:  Greg DeShields and Sybil Davis, PHL Diversity

General Session – Career …..Spruce Room
Before the Parade Passes by, Stepping into a Meaningful Retirement
The workshop addresses how one prepares for retirement beyond the financial and estate planning aspects of retirement. Participants to think through their assumptions about retirement, the values that drive their decision making in anticipation of retirement and reflect on how they might reframe this phase of their career and life.
Presenter:  Monica McGrath, Ph.D., of Resources for Leadership, Inc.

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General Session – Technology …..Pine Room
How to Identify Your Corporate Culture
The mission and values hanging in posters on the wall may give you some insights into the culture of an organization…but if you want to know for sure, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Join us to discover ways to identify and strengthen your corporate culture.
PresenterLynne Alvarez, Founding Partner of GLOW Strategies, LLC


General Session – Career …..Boardroom I
Moving Towards Entrepreneurship
Women professionals are taking charge of their careers and passions by “Moving Toward Entrepreneurship”. The characteristics, attributes, motivations, and skills of women entrepreneurs are very unique. So are the hurdles that they face. In this workshop, we address all of them through a crash course and conversation taking you from “Know to GO!” as a fierce female entrepreneur.
Presenter:  Jade Gasper, Owner & Creative Consultant, Mark It Alternatives

General Session – Personal Development …..Boardroom II
Making Moves as a Millennial Woman
Get inspired by the story of a female entrepreneur who followed her passion and found her ‘why’. Leave feeling empowered to find your confidence and persevere through all the challenges you face as women in business.
Presenter: Michelle Carfagno, Founder, and CEO of The Greater Knead

Luncheon Keynote Panel      Presenter Bios
2:00 – 1:30 pm…….Forest Ballroom

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 Paying it Forward – Collaboration for Success

Monica McGrath, Ph.D.,
CEO, Resources for Leadership, Inc.

Ann Marie Carollo, VP Retail Market Manager of TD Bank
Lynne Cutler, President of Women’s Opportunity Resource Center [WORC]
Melissa Lee, Founder, and CEO of The GREEN Program
Nicole Pumphrey, Director of Strategic Partnerships of The Welcoming Center For New Pennsylvanians
Laura Otten, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University

Session III       2:00 – 2:45 pm     Presenter Bios

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Panel – Technology …..Walnut Ballroom
How Can Technology Work for You?
  Mary Beth Kurilko, Communications at Temple University
Panelists:  James Carty, Chief Security Officer at Philadelphia Division, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Matt Cherepanya, Director of Sales at Inverse Paradox, Shannon Creamer-Franke, Owner of Odd Graphic Company

General Session – Personal Development …..Hemlock Room
The Power of Reinvention: Remaining Relevant Through Life’s Changes
Occasionally, life throws a curve ball. Whether it’s a job loss, a troubled child, an empty nest, or something else, life’s changes can leave us feeling lost and irrelevant. That’s when reinvention can be a necessity—and a game changer.  Learn to hit life’s curve balls and get back on base by utilizing the power of reinvention through challenging times and beyond.
Presenter:  Mary Fran Bontempo, Public Speaker, Author, and Humorist

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General Session – Personal Development …..Spruce Room
How to Maximize Your Networking ROI
Most professionals understand that networking is a key component to business success, but how do you make networking work for you? BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin will discuss how to make sure your time spent networking, whether at a large event with many new people or over a cup of coffee with just one contact, is purposeful. She’ll talk about how to select the people you want in your network and the ways to continue to truly nurture the relationships for the long term.
Presenter:  Lisa Peskin, CEO of Business Development University

General Session – Career …..Pine Room

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Reinvigorate Your “Why”: How to Reboot Your Career and Connect with Your Purpose
Join us for an interactive session to explore your “why” and how it is incorporated into your career goals. Whether you are looking to advance your career or make a change, this session is perfect for you!
Presenters:  Megan Rizzo, MS, Ed, LPC and Monique Gilchrist, MEd, of Community College of Philadelphia

General Session – Communications …..Boardroom I
Vocal Empowerment for Women in Leadership
Whether or not you have an official “leadership” role, do you SOUND like a leader when you speak? In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover some of the most common ways women sabotage their own authority and leadership image and learn the skills to ensure you get the respect you deserve and the results you want.
Presenter:  Laura Sicola, Ph.D., Founder of Vocal Impact Productions

General Session – Communications …..Boardroom II
Do It Yourself Market Research
Professionally-conducted market research is critical to understanding your prospect and customer needs and in planning for the future of your organization.  There are, however, some tools and techniques you can do yourself to help leverage your brand, learn about your market, and help you feel more confident in your business decision-making.  This workshop with help.
Presenter:  Linda McAleer, President of The Melior Group

Session IV       3:15 – 4:00 pm      Presenter Bios

Panel – Personal Development……………….Walnut Ballroom

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Balance – What’s That?
Work, family, community, “me time”: the concept of “balance” is everywhere, but what is it?  And how can we get some?  Join a panel of experts in business and in the business of wellness to learn about how to achieve this elusive life goal.

Moderator:  Gabrielle Sellei, Esq., Founder of Sellei Law, LLC
Panelists:  Monique Gilchrist, MeD, Counselor – Assistant Profession at Community College of Philadelphia, Sonela Skenderi DO, FACC, Cardiologist at Mercy Health Systems, Nazareth Hospital, Alison Rigby, MS, MA, MT-BC at Cancer Treatment Center of America, Philadelphia, Erin Ellis, Financial Educator, Marketing at Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, Felicia Porrazza MDA, RDN, LDN, Owner of PorrazzaNutrition

General Session – Communications …..Hemlock Room
Branding and Visibility for your Business
Smart business owners understand that even with great products and world-class service, their ventures will not thrive and grow without one vital component: brand visibility. The success of your business depends on getting in front of the right audience in order to make its way to the front of the pack, and the top of the list.
Presenter:   Richelle Payne, CCP, Initiative for Family Business & Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University

General Session – Technology …..Spruce Room

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Equifax Breach: Cyber Security, are you at risk?
“In our presentation, we will talk about last year’s Equifax Breach.  We will discuss some of the reasons it occurred, and how to potentially keep your own company from becoming a victim of a data breach.”
Presenter:  James Carty, Chief Security Officer at Philadelphia Division, Federal Bureau of Investigations

General Session – Career …..Pine Room

Session Sponsor – Executive Sponsor

Women as Millennial Business Leaders
Learn how to leverage your skills and talents to make connections and create lasting relationships. As well as find new ways to differentiate yourself from the masses as a Millennial Business Leader.
Presenter: Marta Coles, Research and Training Coordinator of Urban League of Philadelphia

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Business After Hours       4:00 – 6:00 pm





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