Social Media Marketing Mastery Two Day Workshop

February 15, 2019 all-day America/New York Timezone
1635 Market Street 16th Floor Philadelphia

If You Find Yourself Guilty Of These Problems, Come Join Us For Our Two-Day Workshop!

Have you been just posting at any time?
Are you guilty of posting content once in awhile?
Or disappearing for long periods of time?
Do you boost ads on Facebook? (This is Facebook’s way of taking your money…)
Have you been doing your social media without any clear strategy?

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Learning Objectives

1. The Key Components of an Effective Social Media Strategy

2. How to Create Lead Generation Systems Through Social Media

3. How to Produce Content That Your Target Market Wants

4. How to Gain More Social Media Engagement with Your Content

5. How to Manage Your Social Presence with a Minimal Amount of Time

6. How to Grow an Audience Quickly

7. How to Track, Measure and Analyze Your Results

Bonus: You will get a custom-built social media strategy that pertains to your brand

This event is purposefully capped at 10 students maximum to ensure that each attendee gets exactly what they need to get out of the workshop.

General Information

The Social Media Marketing Mastery Workshop is a two-day workshop that helps marketers, entrepreneurs, & professionals to develop a clear strategy, increase revenue through lead generation, improve engagement and build a brand that becomes highly recognized in your ideal target market. We only take serious candidates who are ready to take their social media to the next level!

Location: 1635 Market Street Suite #1600 | Philadelphia, PA 19103

Date of Workshop: February 15th & February 16th

Time: 10am – 4pm Friday, February, 15th 2019

10am – 4pm Saturday, February 16th 2019

What Do We Cover:

Day One:

Online Marketing Foundation

Digital Marketing Strategy

The New Marketing Funnel

Planning Your Social Media

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

Choosing the Right Social Media Networks for Your Business

Managing Your Social Media Effectively & Efficiently

Leveraging the Best Social Media Tools

Day Two:

Leveraging Marketing Automation & The Best Tools

Creating Lead Generation Systems Through Social Media

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile & Generating Leads Through LinkedIN

Twitter Lead Generation

Facebook Ad Lead Generation

Instagram Lead Generation

Why You Should Never Boost Facebook Ads & What You Should Do Instead

How To Build Your Email List

Social Media Growth & How To Grow A Rapid Audience

Twitter Growth

Facebook Page Growth

Instagram Growth

Social Media Analytics:

How to measure and track your performance on social media.

You will need ID to present to the security guard and once you arrive you will be guided to the 16th floor where the workshop is being held. Lunch will be provided!

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