Business Banking: Tips for Small-Business Owners

Mon., June 11, 2018 Small Business

Presented by Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (PFCU)

Take action to set your small business up for success by following these steps:

Stay connected with the business community in your neighborhood. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs can open up doors for partnership opportunities and help to increase your customer base. Many community business groups like the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce offers a handy business directory to help you identify potential relationships you might consider building.

Manage Overhead Expenses
Cut down on any operating costs that aren’t necessary to the daily function of your business. Consider operating your business in a home office space or use a low-cost office shared space. Take a close look at your utility and phone bills and shop for an insurance plan that is suitable for your business to reduce costs.

Educate Yourself
Managing a financially successful business starts with having some general knowledge about how to make your money work for you. Check out the business banking services available in your community to learn more about how to grow your business.


Stop by any one of Philadelphia Federal Credit Union’s Northeast branch locations at 8025 Roosevelt Boulevard, 3799 Clarendon Avenue and 12800 Townsend Road to speak with a representative about our business banking services. And be sure to check back here to learn more about business banking – PFCU will be weighing in on common questions to help set you on the right path to grow your business.


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