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vote-clip-artJust when you thought all that election talk was over for a while, well, Philly voters, you have a Municipal Primary election May 16. The highlights of the “off-year” ballot are the races for District Attorney and City Controller.

Incumbent D.A. Seth Williams is being challenged by four Democrats:  Rich Negrin, Joe Khan, Teresa Carr Deni and Michael Untermeyer. The Republican is Beth Grossman.

Williams, who is seeking his third term, could be vulnerable after a series of controversies regarding initially unreported gifts totaling $160,000. Too, the FBI is conducting an investigation into his campaign finances. Hence, four announced challengers. If city Democrats (read Chairman Bob Brady) decree an open primary, it could end up a free for all.

However, Williams is popular among neighborhood associations and community groups where he cuts a “boots on the ground” figure in the fight against crime. If all four announced challengers hang in there, that helps Williams, who has high name recognition, split the vote.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz, who is seeking his fourth term, has a challenger: Rebecca Rhynhart. Rhynhart is a former city administrative officer who also was a high-ranking official in the Nutter administration. The Controller and the former mayor are bitter enemies, and Butkovitz suspects Nutter may have convinced Rhynhart to take a shot in the upcoming primary.  The Philly GOP is still interviewing candidates, boss man Joe DeFelice told this writer.

Both Seth Williams and Alan Butkovitz joined the GNPCC at our 2nd Annual Meet Your Legislators Breakfast late last year at Community College of Philadelphia’s Northeast Regional Center.

Always remember: Out of many, one.

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