The Cryptocurrency Revolution Demystified & Cybersecurity (Live Seminar and Webinar) 8 CPE / 7 CLE

March 3, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Penn State Abington Lares Building Park in Lot "M" Campus address: 1600 Woodland Road
PA 19001


Module I:

We’re in the middle of the greatest technological innovation of our lifetimes. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchains are revolutionizing every industry. Is it a medium of exchange or a store of value? Is it a security, a commodity, property, a new asset class or all at the same time? What if you could turn money into data and then program it or create a decentralized autonomous organization that governs itself? With 1,400 cryptocurrencies and counting you can do all those things and more. The immutability of blockchains are an accountant’s best friend and the fraud fighter’s dream come true. Accountants will become digital asset managers, security experts and provide more value than any time in history. Glimpse inside the future of accounting and start taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity for you, your company and your clients.

Module II:

During module 2, Bill Sorenson, cloud industry expert from Netgain, Inc., will review the latest trends in cloud computing and cybersecurity. Building on this foundation, Mr. Sorenson will then offer potential solutions for businesses and advisors to consider when facing cyber risks and cloud system implementation.
Learning Objectives:

Examine the fundamentals of cryptocurrency
Review the history of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchains
Discuss the latest business trends in cloud computing and cybersecurity
Examine risk management options in the domains of cloud computing and cybersecurity

The Presenters:

Kirk Phillips, aka the TheBitcoinCPA, is an entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a self-taught woodworker therefore an artist of sorts in all areas of life. He brings the same attention to detail necessary for creating finely crafted furniture into the business world. He is fanatical about technology, business processes, fraud prevention, time management, learning and peace of mind. When Kirk discovered Bitcoin at the end of 2013 it magnified and extended his passions leading him down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole, an experience described by many Bitcoiners.

He brings more than 15 years of experience working with business owner individuals in public accounting and private industry while launching multiple businesses including, a virtual accounting and back office subscription service.

Kirk’s Bitcoin journey includes authoring several articles about Bitcoin, becoming DCC Certified with the Digital Currency Council, earning the Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) designation issued by C4, the Crypto Currency Certification Consortium and a Certificate of Completion from the University of Nicosia, Introduction to Digital Currencies MOOC Course. His passion for continuous learning and development is also evident in additional designations he holds as a Certified in Financial Management, CFM, Certified Management Accountant, CMA Certified Fraud Examiner, CFE and a Charted Global Management Accountant, CGMA.

Kirk has immersed himself in bitcoin and blockchain technology and its currently only one of a handful of qualified CPA strategic advisors in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. He weaves risk management into business process outsourcing, crypto business consulting and education. You can contact Kirk on twitter @TheBitcoinCPA.

Bill Sorenson: Cloud Computing Expert Chief Strategy Officer FinTech at Netgain

Bill has 25+ years of financial services industry experience with 15+ years of cloud computing experience. Bill is a CISO as well with a focus on helping firms implement cloud strategies that dramatically improve security, operations, and cost effectiveness. His ability to build trust and deliver to client expectations has been key in providing dramatic improvements in complex technology implementations. As an industry expert, Bill speaks nationally on cybersecurity, cloud computing, and optimization of technology within firms and organizations. His continued focus on cybersecurity training for all users has made significant impacts in the industry.

Registration/Information: Theresa Bloom, Penn State Abington, 215-881-7402,

Live Seminar: $174.99

Live Webinar: $144.99

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Penn State Abington, Lares Building, Lubert Commons – 1600 Woodland Road, Abington, PA 19001

Kirk Phillips, CPA and Bill Sorenson

CPE Credits:
8 Specialized Knowledge CPE

CLE Credits:
7 Substantive CLE

Program Level:


Advanced Preparation:

Delivery Method:

Tech Support:
Bill Kline Email: or Phone: 267-251-3805

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